heartless romantic

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End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story [Grenadine Records, 2000]
tracklisting: C'etait Pour La Passion / Jazz Waltz No.3 in B-Flat / This is a Broadcast / Where the World Begins and Ends / Heartless Romantic / End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story / There Is No Such Thing As Love / Partir, Par Terre

Orchestral Pop Noir Romantique EP [Shipbuilding Records, 2001]
tracklisting: Heathrow or Deathrow / Autotomy / No Return / Acoustic Guitar Phase

No Cities Left [MapleMusic/Universal, 2003] tracklisting : We Can Have It / Who Are You, Defenders of the Universe? / Lost in the Plot / The Second Part / Don't Lose the Faith / Expect the Worst, Cos She's a Tourist / Pinned Together, Falling Apart / Never Destroy Us / Warm + Sunny Days / 22: The Death of All the Romance / Postcard from Purgatory / No Cities Left

Also- the Grenadine compilation Syrup & Gasoline Vol.2 includes Le Pauvre Chanteur
Grenadine compilation Nor the Dahlias contains early Dears material